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Zinc complexes capable of capturing substances having anionic substituents

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050038258

A zinc complex represented by formula (I-0):

Method and system for using structure tensors to detect lung nodules and colon polyps

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050036691

A method of identifying spherical objects in a digital image is provided. The image comprises a plurality of 3D surface points. The method includes computing, at each point in a domain of the image, a gradient of the image; computing an elementary structure tensor at each point in the domain of the image; determining a structure tensor for each point in the domain of the image; finding the eigenvalues of the structure tensors; and calculating an isotropy measure for each structure tensor, wherein said isotropy measure is defined by a ratio of a smallest eigenvalue of said structured tensor by a largest eigenvalue of said structure tensor, wherein a spherical object correspond to an isotropy measure equal to unity.

Variable reluctance resolver including rotor with multiple detection portions

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050035760

A variable reluctance resolver has a rotor with magnetic poles with 2 or greater axis combination angles, and is structured so that reliable and accurate zero point detection can be carried out. Concave and convex portions are provided on at least two, but fewer than all, of the magnetic poles of the rotor, and the zero point detection winding is provided on a plurality of electrical poles of the stator. Two or more zero point detection signals are generated simultaneously by a plurality of zero point detection windings. Therefore, even if a portion of the zero point detection signals is lost, the zero point can still be identified based on the correlation between the two or more zero point detection signals.

Method and apparatus for automatic rate adaptation in a DOCSIS upstream

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050039103

A process for automatically monitoring the packet error rate of a logical channel in a cable television DOCSIS data transmission system and automatically altering the bit rate on the channel or sending a message to a cable operator recommending a change in burst profile and bit rate. The preferred embodiment of the process comprises determining the dominant noise type and SNR of the channel and selecting a set of burst profiles best adapted for the dominant noise type and selecting an initial burst profile based upon the SNR. Then the packet error rate of the channel is monitored and compared to one or more thresholds to decide whether a change in bit rate is required to bring the packet error rate within limits. If a change is bit rate is indicated, automatically selecting a new burst profile with an appropriately changed bit rate and automatically generating and sending a UCD message defining the channel's new burst profile.

Discharge lamp having integrated ballast support

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050036316

An integrated projector for discharge lamps includes a projector, having a discharge lamp, and a support fork shaped structure for the projector. The fork shaped structure provides two substantially vertical elements, provided laterally with respect to the projector, and a horizontal arm, joining the lateral elements. In the substantially vertical elements of the fork shaped structure are provided the elements of a voltage limiting system, or ballast. Through the horizontal arm passes the electrical connection cables of the various components of the ballast provided in the two substantially vertical elements. A power supply is provided between one of the substantially vertical elements of the fork shaped structure and the projector electrical connection.

Leak prevention system for a disposable absorbent article

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050038400

A disposable diaper includes a chassis having an interior leak prevention system of leg elastics, and desirably, containment flaps. The diaper further includes an exterior leak prevention system having straps refastenable to a locking area positioned at one of a crotch region and a more dorsal region of the garment. The straps do not elongate during normal wear and are connected between the crotch region and the waist region. Each strap provides a convenient and economical means of maintaining diaper position and skin contact of the diaper chassis interior leak prevention system against the wearer without placing tension on the chassis or redmarking the wearer.

Image pickup device and image synthesizing method

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050036044

An image pickup device is constituted by a handset of cellular phone, wherein an image pickup unit photographs a user as first object, to output image data of a first image frame. A facial region detecting circuit retrieves a facial image portion of the user as first object according to image data of the first image frame. An image synthesizing circuit is supplied with image data of a second image frame including persons as second object. The facial image portion is synthesized in a background region being defined outside the persons as second object within the second image frame.

Method and apparatus for continuous synchronization of a plurality of asynchronous data sources

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050036518

An apparatus and method for continuous synchronization of a pair of independently clocked asynchronous data streams (100, 101) consisting of raster data from independent imaging acquisition systems comprises a means for acquiring individual rasters from a first stream of data. A counter for counting (60) a first total number of received rasters and data merge logic (65) for comparing the first total to a first threshold. A means for acquiring individual rasters from a second stream of data. A means for transferring the first acquired data stream and the second acquired data stream to a composite output when the first total is greater than the first threshold. The method includes adding or subtracting idle pixels from an interline gap.

Processor system, task control method on computer system, computer program

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050039181

A mechanism for recording a timing in which a high urgency process is started is provided, and upon entry to a critical section in the middle of a low urgency process, by referencing the record, it is inspected whether a high urgency process will be started during execution of the critical section. If it will not be started, the critical section is entered, and if it will be started, control is exerted so that entry to the critical section is postponed until the high urgency process is completed. Exclusive access control in a critical section can be performed suitably under conditions where a plurality of task execution environments exist.

Flame retardant fiber reinforced composition with improved flow

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050038145

A composition comprising at least one high Tg amorphous resin with a fibrous filler shows improved melt processability. Addition of a sulfonate salt to the compositions gives increased melt flow as well as enhanced flame retardancy in a composition which is substantially free of bromine and chlorine.

Applicator for liquid or paste-like media, in particular decorative cosmetics such as mascara

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050034740

An applicator for liquid or pasty media, in particular for decorative cosmetics such as mascara has a rod-shaped reinforcing core of a first plastic material which is surrounded at least in the region of its front end by a support sleeve of a second plastic material. The support sleeve has a plurality of radially outwardly projecting fingers which are integrally formed on the support sleeve and also consist of the second plastic material. Several fingers which are distributed over the periphery of the support sleeve form a finger collar and a plurality of finger collars with identical finger number are disposed one behind the other in the longitudinal direction of the support sleeve, characterized by the following parameter combination:

Laser thin film poly-silicon annealing optical system

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050035103

A high energy, high repetition rate workpiece surface heating method and apparatus are disclosed which may cmprise a pulsed XeF laser operating at or above 4000 Hz and producing a laser output light pulse beam at a center wavelength of about 351 nm; an optical system narrowing the laser output light pulse beam to less than 20 m in a short axis of the laser output light pulse beam and expanding the laser output light pulse beam to form in a long axis of the beam a workpiece covering extent of teh long axis; the optical system including a field stop intermediate the laser and the workpiece; the workpiece comprising a layer to be heated; wherein the optical system focuses the laser output light pulse beam at a field stop with a magnification sufficient to maintain an intensity profile that has sufficiently steep sidewalls to allow the field stop to maintain a sufficiently steep beam profile at the workpiece without blocking the beam profile at too high an intensity level. 2. The apparatus may also have a high average power in the laser ouput light pulse beam as delivered to the workpiece and a a linebow correction mechanism in a short axis optical assembly. The linebow correction mechanism may comprise a plurality of weak cross cylinders. The system may comprise a catadioptric projection system. The linewidth due to laser diffraction and divergence may be less than geometric limitations. The system may project adjacent peaks of the nominal XeF spectrum to improve overall depth of focus through the separate center wavelengths of each respective adjacent peak having a different focal plane at the workpiece. The system may comprise a linebow is correction mechanism within a field stop optical assembly correcting linebow at the field stop plane and within a workpiece projection optical assembly correcting linebow at the workpiece plane.

System and method for glucose monitoring

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050038680

An system for remotely monitoring a medical condition of a patient includes a unit transportable by the patient and a base system. The transportable unit includes an input device for inputting test information for evaluating a selected medical condition of the patient and a communications device for selectively transmitting test information received from the input device. The base system receives the test information from the communications device of the transportable unit and distributes such test data to at least one member of a medical condition management team.

Business transaction reporting system

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050038706

An embodiment of the present invention provides a business transaction reporting system for use in tracking revenue from entertainment commodities distributed by one or more distribution parties. The distribution of the entertainment commodities is conducted through a plurality of entities that are independent from the distribution parties. In the embodiment, at least two of the entities are independent from one another. The system includes a plurality of point-of-sale (POS) computers operated at a plurality of locations. Each computer is operated by one of the independent entities and each POS computer hosts an application for recording entertainment unit transactions related to the entertainment commodities. The system further includes a central host computer system coupled to the POS computers to receive an accounting of the entertainment unit transactions, and a database configured to store, process, and report on the entertainment unit transactions.

Systems and methods for testing a device-under-test

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050039099

A method for testing a device-under-test (DUT) includes examining a test data file that includes test data for testing the structure, functionality and/or performance of the DUT. The method also includes separating a first plurality of data units from a second plurality of data units contained in the test data file. The first plurality of data units correspond to a first plurality of DUT pins, and the second plurality of data units correspond to a second plurality of DUT pins.

Asthma and allergic inflammation modulators

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050038070

Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods are provided that are useful in the treatment of inflammatory and immune-related diseases and conditions. In particular, the invention provides compounds which modulate the function and/or expression of proteins involved in atopic diseases, inflammatory conditions and cancer. The subject compounds are tetrahydroquinoline derivatives.

Ink-jet head and reservoir unit included in ink-jet head

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050036005

An ink-jet head comprises a passage unit and a reservoir unit. The passage unit includes a common ink chamber that extends in one direction. The reservoir unit is fixed to the passage unit, and includes an ink reservoir that stores ink and that extends in the one direction. In the reservoir unit, formed are an introduction passage extending from an ink introduction port to the ink reservoir, and a discharge passage extending from the ink reservoir to ink discharge ports. The introduction passage and the discharge passage include an inflow port and an outflow port, respectively. Both the inflow port and the outflow port face the ink reservoir. The inflow port is disposed such that at least one outflow port can exist on either side of the inflow port with respect to the one direction.

Gaming device having a bonus scheme with multiple potential award sets

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050037840

A gaming device and a method for operating the gaming device. The gaming device includes a processor, a display device adapted to communicate with the processor, several sets displayed by a display device and at least one component associated with each set. Several selections are displayed by the display device and a prize is awarded to a player when a set is completed. A player completes a set and receives a prize for that set when the player picks selections and generates each component associated with a set.

Wheel track rut filler

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050034337

A farm implement for replacing displaced earth into a wheel track rut includes a pair of blades and a rotatable auger carried by a frame which is moved over and along a rut. The blades scrape displaced earth laterally toward and into the rut, and the auger discharges the scraped earth to the rear of the frame.

Electromechanical transducer element, method for forming an electromechanical transducer element and transducer formed by said method

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050035683

Electromechanical transducer element for converting mechanical force, such as vibrations, into electrical signals and a method for fabricating the same, the transducer having a layered structure and comprising: signal and ground layers (103-105, 107) and dielectric layer(s) (109,110), the dielectric layers being permanently charged elastic cellular electret film layer(s), and wherein the transducer element is provided with additional material in order to improve the electric properties, and wherein in that the additional material (108, 106) is disposed in between the permanently charged elastic cellular electret film and at least one electrode of the element so that under compression the elastic electret film compresses most at the areas being directly against the additional material and less at the other areas of the element.

Motor torque variation compensation

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050034539

Method and apparatus for compensating variations in motor torque in a control system that employs a motor to accelerate a control object, such as a data transducing head in a data storage device. During acceleration of the control object, a plurality of distances successively traveled by the control object are measured, and the measured distances are combined to compensate for said variations in motor torque. Preferably, a constant control input is applied to accelerate the control object at a constant rate of acceleration less than a maximum rate of acceleration that can be obtained by the motor. A coarse adjustment routine is preferably applied to arrive at a first compensation value that compensates for said variations at a first resolution, after which a fine adjustment routine is performed using the first compensation value to arrive at the final compensation value at a second resolution greater than the first resolution.

Photothermographic material

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050037298

A photothermographic material having a support provided on at least one side of the support light-sensitive silver halide particles, an organic silver salt and a reducing agent, as well as a leuco dye of a specific structure and a compound of a specific structure.

Fuel injector and assembly

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050034709

A control valve for an injector includes a spool valve assembly having a spool moveable between an open position and a closed position. The spool has a first hydraulic surface and a second hydraulic surface. A first chamber is in fluid communication with the first hydraulic surface of the spool and a second chamber is in fluid communication with the second hydraulic surface of the spool. An actuator is in fluid communication with the second hydraulic surface of the spool. The actuator, in an open position, provides a fluid path to ambient such that a hydraulic force acting on the first hydraulic surface of the spool becomes greater than a hydraulic force acting on second hydraulic surface of the spool. A flow path is in fluid communication with the second hydraulic surface to decrease a force acting on the second hydraulic surface of the spool during spool operation.

Device and method for coating

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050037142

The invention relates to a coating device (10) comprising a coating tank (21) with an opening (22) and a coating roll (31), in which the roll (31) faces the opening (22).

Method and apparatus for providing customizable player bonuses

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050037841

A method and apparatus for tracking play of a game is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of receiving a first set of game outcomes from play of a game associated with a first enterprise, storing the first set of game data in a database, receiving a second set of game outcomes from play of a second game associated with a second enterprise independent from the first enterprise, and storing the second set of game outcomes in the database. The apparatus comprises hardware and software modules and other means for performing the above operations.

Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050038023

This invention describes novel pyrazole compounds of formula IIIa:

Method and apparatus for the continuous production of foamed metals

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050035502

A method for continuously producing foamed metals is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of (i) adding a previously dissolved molten metal to a viscosity-enhancing furnace and agitating the molten metal so as to uniformly maintain the viscosity of the molten metal; (ii) conveying the molten metal to an electronic agitating type foaming furnace; (iii) injecting gas into the conveyed molten metal while agitating to obtain a foamed molten metal; and (iv) drawing the obtained foamed molten metal using a roller and cooling the drawn foamed metal.

Colored bathing device

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050034258

A colored bathing device of comprises a net strip and at least one positioning sheet. The net strip includes a plurality of continuous sub-strips which have different colors. The different sub-strips are folded so that a part of one sub-strip is overlapped with a part of another adjacent sub-strip. At least one positioning sheet clamps the net strip for positioning all the sub-strips. Then the longitudinal centers of all of the sub-strips are compressed so as to reduce the size of centers. In the present invention, the positioning sheet may be a long positioning sheet so as to form a long colored bathing device, and the positioning sheet can be a short positioning sheet so as to form a ball-shape colored bathing device. Moreover, a rope ties the centers of each sub-strip for replacing the short positioning sheet so as to form a ball shape colored bathing device.

Device and method for electrically connecting modules and a module

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050037673

Module, device and method for electrically connecting modules (1-5) whereby a connecting element (9-12) is erected to carry out a lateral shift and a revolving to-and-fro movement during the movement between a first position and a second position.

Method for controlling pressure in a compressed-air accumulator of a vehicle level-control system

Pub Date: 2005-02-17

Pub Number: US20050035562

A method for controlling the pressure in a compressed-air accumulator of a level-control system of a motor vehicle utilizing a pressure-control apparatus constructed and arranged to adjust the accumulator pressure according to a predetermined index pressure value. The index pressure value is automatically determined by a computing device based on the relative level and/or the load of the vehicle.