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Packaging with venting holes for containing a particulate product

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050019452

A packaging for containing a particulate product is disclose in preferred forms of a canister (10) and a bag (100). The packaging includes a body (11, 110) and at least one microhole (40, 400) formed in the body (11, 110). Other than the microhole(s) (40, 400), the body (11, 110) is hermetically sealed. In this regard, the body (11, 110) defines an internal storage region (20, 200) configured to contain a particulate product (22). The microhole(s) (40, 400) are sized to allow passage of air from the internal storage region (20, 200), as well as to limit passage of the particulate product (22). During use, a decrease in atmospheric pressure applied to the packaging, such as during shipping, results in air being vented from the internal storage region (20, 200) via the microhole(s) (40, 400). Due to this air flow, an internal pressure of the body (11, 110) maintains substantial equilibrium with atmospheric pressure such that the body (11, 110) will not unexpectedly expand or in the case of bag (100) burst.

Color-space transformation-matrix calculating system and calculating method

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050018226

A color space transformation matrix calculating system is provided that optimizes a color space transformation matrix. The matrix is obtained as a product of a first and a second matrix and transforms colors in a first color space to colors in a second color space. The system comprises first and second optimizers that calculate elements of the first matrix and second matrix by multiple linear regression analysis. The input colors which correspond to color patches and hue corrected colors obtained by using the first matrix and the input colors are set as explanatory variables. First and second goal colors respectively relating to hue and saturation in a second color space, and which correspond to the color patches, are set as criterion variables. The elements of matrices are set as partial regression coefficients.

Method of electrophoresing protein

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050016850

To provide an electrophoresis method being capable of rapidly analyzing a protein in a native state without carrying out a heat-denaturing pretreatment step, and having even higher sensitivity. The electrophoresis method of the present invention is useful for proteosome analysis and medical diagnosis.

Prevention of outgoing spam

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050021649

The subject invention provides for a system and method that facilitates detecting and preventing spam in a variety of networked communication environments. In particular, the invention provides several techniques for monitoring outgoing communications to identify potential spammers. Identification of potential spammers can be accomplished at least in part by a detection component that monitors per sender at least one of volume of outgoing messages, volume of recipients, and/or rate of outgoing messages. In addition, outgoing messages can be scored based at least in part on their content. The scores can be added per message per sender and if the total scores) per message or per sender exceeds some threshold, then further action can be taken to verify whether the potential spammer is a spammer. Such actions include human-inspecting a sample of the messages, sending challenges to the account, sending a legal notice to warn potential spammers and/or shutting down the account.

System and method for removing coatings from plastic parts

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050020462

The process for removing paint from a part comprises the steps of immersing the part in a chemical bath containing a chemical solution effective to strip the paint from the part, and directing an aerated jet spray of the chemical solution onto the part immersed in the chemical bath. The chemical solution is recirculated through the bath and through a filter and heater. The process permits the use of low toxicity chemical solutions, such as sodium hydroxide. The system includes a tank defining a dip chamber with a fluid recirculation path connected outside said tank to recirculate the chemical through the chemical bath. A plurality of spray nozzles are supported within the tank, and are oriented to direct a jet spray of the chemical solution through the chemical bath and onto the process part in a manner effective to strip the coating from the part.

Ion implantation system with an interlock function

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050017199

An ion implantation system including a scan system for scanning an ion beam on a target wafer is provided. The ion implantation system includes a first control signal for controlling the scan system in a beam setup mode, and a second control signal for controlling the scan system in an ion implantation mode. A selection circuit selects one of the first control signal and the second control signal. A machine interface controls the selection circuit according to whether an ion implantation system is converted from the beam setup mode to the ion implantation mode. A detection device detects whether the machine interface satisfies a predetermined condition, and according to a result of the detection, a process of the ion implantation mode is decided.

Starting assembly for a carburetor

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050017379

A starting device for a rotary throttle valve-type carburetor enables adjustment of the quantity of air and fuel delivered to an engine to facilitate the cold start of the engine. The starting device changes the position of the throttle valve prior to starting the engine to adjust the fuel and air mixture delivered to the engine as desired to facilitate starting and initial warming up of the engine.

Segmentation and processing of continuous data streams using transactional semantics

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050021745

With a continuous source of data relating to transactions, the data may be segmented and processed in a data flow arrangement, optionally in parallel, and the data may be processed without storing the data in an intermediate database. Data from multiple sources may be processed in parallel. The segmentation also may define points at which aggregate outputs may be provided, and where checkpoints may be established.

Pedal stroke adjuster for bicyles or the like

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050020411

A stroke adjusting attachment for bicycles or the like enables selective changing of the diameter of the orbit which is traveled by a foot pedal to adapt a particular bicycle to persons having different leg lengths or who may have physical impairments which limit foot movement. The pedal is fastened to the attachment rather than being directly secured to a crank arm of the bicycle in the conventional manner. A track member is secured to the bicycle crank arm and the pedal is fastened to a slider which is travelable to any of a plurality of different locations along the track member. Blades extend from the track member adjacent to opposite surfaces of the crank arm thereby maintaining the attachment in a fixed orientation relative to the crank arm. A particular attachment of this form can be fitted onto a variety of crank arms of different sizes and shapes.

Light conducting unit, illumination apparatus, and projection type display apparatus

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050018149

A light conducting unit is disposed between a light source and a region which is to be illuminated. In addition, a light conducting unit includes a polygonal prism made from a first medium with a first coefficient of refraction, a first light conducting unit which directs light to be incident upon a first surface of the polygonal prism, and a second light conducting unit upon which light emitted from a second surface of the polygonal prism is incident, wherein the polygonal prism includes a reflective device which reflects light which is incident into the polygonal prism from the first surface towards the second surface, and a second medium with a second coefficient of refraction which is less than the first coefficient of refraction is provided at the first surface and the second surface.

Physical value detecting apparatus and housing for physical value detecting means

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050016289

A physical value detecting apparatus includes a housing having a concave portion; a physical value detecting device housed in the concave portion and having a substantially rectangular shape for converting a physical value into an electric signal and outputting the electric signal; a device for taking out a signal from the physical value detecting device; an adhesive member for adhering the physical value detecting device to the concave portion; and a positioning device provided on an inner wall of the concave portion for positioning the physical value detecting device. The concave portion supports the physical value detecting device at a bottom thereof via the adhesive member without contacting corner parts of the physical value detecting device.

Power line communication system having time server

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050017847

A system for bi-directional power distribution line communication. The system is configured for data communication with an endpoint transceiver located at a customer premise. The system comprises a time server in electrical communication with the transceiver, the time server configured to retrieve the time. A substation controller is in electrical communication with a power distribution line. The substation controller includes a transceiver and a programmable circuit. The programmable circuit includes a substation clock. The programmable circuit is programmed to periodically retrieve the time from the time server to calibrate the substation clock to the retrieved time, and to control the transceiver to transmit the time to the endpoint transceiver.

Tooth powdering applicator with nozzle spray control

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050019724

A tooth powdering applicator. A container for holding infrared reflective powder has an inlet connected to a source of pressurized gas and an outlet tube that is both rotatable and slidable along its longitudinal axis to direct and control flow of powder spray. An air filter is connected between a source of pressurized gas and the outlet tube.

Gas turbine can annular combustor

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050016178

A gas turbine engine (120) includes a cylindrical basket (146) having an axis (14) and a single main burner assembly (12) disposed within the basket. A burner insert (34) is disposed in an annular space between the burner assembly and the basket. The insert includes a face perpendicular to the axis of the basket. A plurality of passageways (114) are formed in the basket, positioned proximate to and downstream of the burner insert for allowing passage of a portion of an oxidizer flow (42) into a combustion chamber (30). A fluid flow path (38), defined between a combustion chamber liner portion (32) of the basket and a casing (40) spaced radially outward from the combustion liner portion, discharges a fluid into a flow reversal region (118) proximate an inlet (20) of the burner assembly. A fuel outlet (44) is disposed in the flow reversal region.

Champ with canister entry and method of use in providing liquid exchange

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050016627

A fluid exchange is provided through the wall of a canister using a clamp having a pair of jaws enabled for gripping the canister. The pair of jaws provides a tubular entry device positioned for penetrating the canister when the jaws are tightened on the canister. The entry device provides a hole cutter and a hole sealer. The pair of jaws also provides a rotational conformal surface for nesting contact with the canister so as to improve the ability of the clamp to secure itself on the canister.

Adaptable modification of cylinder deactivation threshold

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050016492

An engine control system in a vehicle including a variable displacement internal combustion engine, a controller for controlling the displacement of the variable displacement internal combustion engine, where the controller adaptively determines a torque threshold used to switch the variable displacement internal combustion engine between a partially displaced operating mode and a fully displaced operating mode.

Content-targeted advertising using collected user behavior data

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050021397

A content-targeting ad system is provided with a user behavior (e.g., selection (e.g., click), conversion, etc.) feedback mechanism. The performance of individual ads, or groups of ads, may be tracked on a per document (e.g. per URL) and/or on a per host (e.g. per Website) basis. The performance of ad targeting functions may also be tracked on a per document, and/or per host basis. Such user behavior feedback data may be processed (e.g., aggregated) into useful data structures. Such user behavior feedback data (raw or processed) may then be used in a content-targeting ad system to improve ad quality, improve user experience, and/or maximize revenue.

Antisense modulation of superoxide dismutase 1, soluble expression

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050019915

Antisense compounds, compositions and methods are provided for modulating the expression of superoxide dismutase 1, soluble. The compositions comprise antisense compounds, particularly antisense oligonucleotides, targeted to nucleic acids encoding superoxide dismutase 1, soluble. Methods of using these compounds for modulation of superoxide dismutase 1, soluble expression and for treatment of diseases associated with expression of superoxide dismutase 1, soluble are provided.

Fiber matrix composite material made from recycled carpet

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050019539

The invention relates to a composite structural material comprising a fiber dispersed in a fused matrix, wherein the fiber is derived from carpet, carpet recycle, carpet scrap, or mixtures thereof, and wherein the fused matrix comprises a thermoplastic comprising nylon, polyolefin, or mixtures thereof. The invention also relates to a method of manufacturing a rigid board composite structural material comprising the steps comminuting carpet to a predetermined particle size, adjusting the carpet feed stock to a form a balanced feed stock, introducing the feed stock into an extruder, and extruding the feed stock to form a structural composite comprising fiber dispersed in a fused matrix.

Universal visual shield apparatus for use with a hockey helmet

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050015839

A universal visual shield apparatus, for use with a hockey helmet, is usable for training hockey players by partially blocking a user's field of vision. The apparatus includes a main shield body formed from an elastically deformable material, and is attachable to the helmet using connectors. The main shield body includes a horizontal floor portion and a vertical edge portion that cooperate to block a user from seeing the puck while it is in the user's possession, while still allowing the user to see forward. When worn, the apparatus forces the user to look forward, beyond the puck and stick. The apparatus may include adjustable apparatus straps, and can be used on any sized helmet without modifying the helmet or the apparatus. Because the apparatus is soft and crushable, the apparatus will not harm the user or another player if they are involved in a collision on the ice.

Whole-body thermotherapy method and device

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050021112

A whole-body thermotherapy is conducted by letting a patient take a warm bath while a measure for minimizing a brain stress is taken and an internal temperature is measured. The measure taken to prevent the stress includes the method of using blue, light blue or any other colored water as a warm water source for bathing, the method of applying a chromatic light to the eyes of a patient, the method of letting a patient hear a sound, the method of stimulating meridians or vital spots, the method of cooling the head, and the method of attaching a bioelectric current regulating element consisting of at least two kinds of metal or two kinds of gem to a patient or to the patient-touching portion of a bed to relieve a brain stress by the actions of metal ions and magnetic fields. Accordingly, a whole-body thermotherapy can be practiced while pain of and load on a patient are alleviated as much as possible.

Apparatus for preventing auto-convergence error in projection television receiver

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050018090

Disclosed is a video display an auto-convergence error in a projection television receiver (TV) capable of preventing generation of an error when an auto-convergence is performed. The apparatus includes a screen for displaying an image signal, first to eighth sensing units having first and second optical sensors for sensing a pattern displayed on the screen, first and second amplifying units for receiving and amplifying sensed values sensed by the first to fourth sensing units and the fifth to eighth sensing units with predetermined multiple amplification factors, first and second comparators for receiving and comparing amplified values outputted from the first and second amplifying units, an inverter for inverting output values of the first and second comparators, an operation unit for AND-gating the outputs of the amplifying units and outputs of the inverter, and a microcomputer for receiving an output of the operation unit, judging a degree of convergence correction, and outputting a corresponding control signal.

Liquid delivery apparatus and method

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050019223

Liquid delivery apparatus and methods, in particular for the production of high-density arrays, wherein a partial drop liquid is deposited from a capillary (1) onto a substrate (12), the capillary (1) and substrate (12) being capable of x, y and z movements relative to one another under the control of a translation mechanism.

Weapon sight

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050016052

The present invention advantageously provides a shotgun sight system to assist a one-eyed shooter. The shotgun sight system is comprised of a front sight and a back sight. The sights are raised above the top of the shotgun barrel to allow an increased field of view below the barrel to shooters with the habit of closing one eye. The front sight is comprised of a front vertical plate mounted to a channel that may be coupled to the ribbing of a shotgun. A cylindrical sight is coupled along the top end of the front vertical plate. The back sight is further comprised of a back vertical plate mounted to a channel that may be coupled to the ribbing of a shotgun.

Carpet, stainproofing agent for carpet and method for treating the carpet

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050019523

The invention relates to a carpet comprising a stainproof-treated textile, wherein the carpet has stainproof ratio (%) of at least 30% as defined below: Stainproof ratio (%)=100( ENETn )/ EN EN: Color difference after stainproof test of untreated carpet; ETn: Color difference after stainproof test of carpet treated by the stainproof agent; n: the number of cleaning; cleaning is conducted according to AATCC-138, n20.

Method of modifying conductive wiring

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050020061

A method of modifying a conductive wiring. First, a semiconductor substrate is provided. Next, a first barrier is formed on the semiconductor. A conductive wiring is formed on the first barrier. A second barrier is formed on the conductive wiring. Finally, a thermal treatment is performed on the semiconductor substrate.

Authentication mechanism for wireless communication devices

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050021940

One or more systems and methods are disclosed to securely authenticate one or more wireless communication devices using a subscriber identification mechanism provided by a wireless communication device. The subscriber identification mechanism provides one or more keys and algorithms used in the authentication of a wireless communication device. In one embodiment, the subscriber identification mechanism comprises a subscriber identity module (SIM) card capable of being easily inserted into a wireless communication device. In one embodiment, wireless signal transmission occurs over a GSM/GPRS/EDGE network.

Method of modulating sodium ion absorption in epithelial cells

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050020542

The invention provides methods for modulating sodium ion absorption by epithelial cells, by treating epithelial cells or administering to a patient in need of such treatment a therapeutically effective amount of a sodium uptake modulating inositol polyphosphate compound. The sodium uptake modulating inositol polyphosphate compound can be designed to inhibit or enhance sodium uptake. Representative sodium uptake inhibiting inositol polyphosphate compounds include, for example, 1-octyl-2-O-bu-tyryl-inositol 3,4,5,6-tetrakisphosphate propionoxymethyl ester (INO E2).

Use of a polyfunctional active substance mixture as an antagonist against harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050020493

The invention relates to the use of a polyfunctional active substance mixture with anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic and anti-stress action comprised of a fraction of specific peptides with molar weights of up to 10,000 dalton and/or of a fraction of essential and non-essential amino acids, and the polyfunctional active substance mixture is obtained from a multifactorial immune-modulator mixture serving as an antagonist against the harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke with a health-protecting function during the smoking of tobacco products. It is preferably applied in the form of an inhalant (adhesion principle, atomization) and leads to the amelioration, elimination and prevention of inflammations of the mucous membranes, of regulatory disorders of the organ systems with smooth muscles (blood vessels, bronchial system, esophagus, bladder, stomach, intestines, etc.), of the myocardial function as well as of the central and peripheral nerve systems that are induced by the harmful substances contained in tobacco smoke.

Colloidal stabilization of beer

Pub Date: 2005-01-27

Pub Number: US20050019447

In the beer-making process, the wort is treated with a processing aid which is a composite of Carrageenan and polyvinyl polypyrrolidone (PVPP).